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As Good As It Gets (1997)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director James L. Brooks, and actors Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear Rating:7.1/10 (7 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Bickle, T. on August 2nd, 2009:Find all reviews by Bickle, T.
There’s a lot of interesting info floating around on this track, but it is a little too crowded. Nicholson, Hunt and Kinnear all record with Brooks in separate sessions, so the actors usually only speak during their respective scenes. Composer Hans Zimmer pops up every once in a while, but by the end of the track, I hoped for a more controlled commentary. And more Jack, you always need more Jack.
Reviewed by ipatrick on April 30th, 2015:Find all reviews by ipatrick
pretty fantastic albeit non-essential. this was a pretty convoluted production with re-writes and re-shoots and endless takes and that process is reflected here. while brooks fails once again (after 'terms') to contribute a substantial commentary, the actors share plenty and make it a vivid track.
Reviewed by musíl65 on February 28th, 2018:Find all reviews by musíl65
This track is edited from different sources. It’s a little bit of a chaos, but you get a lot of information about the movie. The motivation of the characters is widely discussed. Everyone has good points on the track. Brooks has the main part. He did a lot of re-shooting. It’s great to have Jack on the track. He talks about his acting.

There a not gaps. The track is worth hearing. 8 out of 10.