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Frost/Nixon (2008)

Commentaries on this disc:

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Reviewed by iwantmytvm on June 15th, 2022:Find all reviews by iwantmytvm
Howard does okay with this one, filling the time without too many extensive gaps. Given that he is often not very scene-specific, it often feels like he was interviewed and that audio was utilized here. He talks about optioning and adapting the play, then, during production, how he looked to the play, the original interview, and interviews with other key figures for inspiration and as a resource. Howard offers some anecdotes about his interactions with the real David Frost and Nixon estate and elements of collaboration with Sheen and Langella. Throughout there are some comparisons and contrasts to previous films he had directed, namely Cinderella Man and Apollo 13, and the many cast members culled from the latter. This film was distinct as it was more improvisational, with spontaneous camera movement and dialogue. These aspects were largely due to limited rehearsal to keep things fresh. They also operated on a small budget and short shooting schedule.

The blu-ray disc also has some worthwhile picture-in-picture elements.