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Communion (1989)

Commentaries on this disc:

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Reviewed by stuartbannerman on April 12th, 2005:Find all reviews by stuartbannerman
This DVD actually has the Audio Commentary by Director Philippe Mora and William J. Birnes (Publisher of UFO Magazine). Recorded together they take a unique (but hopefully not the last time this is done) chance and rather than discuss the actual filming of COmmunion. They take us through various topics about UFOlogy and take us into the real story of Whitley Strieber (who ive actually mer and doesnt look like Christopher Walken at all..but never mind)
Phillip and William chat for the full duration of the film and definatly enhanc ethe film for future viewings with there information.
My only hope is that more film makers take this method and enhance the films they make with information. (The recent 2 disc Amityville Horror DVD seems to have done this also) Communion is a highly recommended commentary track for those interested in the UFO/ET phenomenon...