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The Dead Hate the Living! (1999)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Dave Parker, and actors Eric Clawson, Brett Beardslee, and Jamie Donohue Rating:7.5/10 (2 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by draven99 on April 25th, 2004:Find all reviews by draven99
Decent track. The movie is strictly B (maybe lower) level, and the people involved seem to take themselves a little too seriously. It still remains a rather informative discussion which is primarily scene specific with some anecdotal asides.
Reviewed by frankasu03 on August 24th, 2013:Find all reviews by frankasu03
You can really forgive the production values of "Full Moon Entertainment" fare, when the love for the Horror genre is this evident. Director Dave Parker fills every nook and cranny of "Dead" with homages to horror greats like Wes Craven, Sam Raimi, and International icons like Fulci and Argento. Parker's commentary is non-stop with the trivia, and anecdotes about creating this 10-day venture are aplenty. His co-stars are game participants, and never deluge the track with snickering or dull platitudes. Very entertaining listen, which fans of "B" Horror will surely enjoy. 7/10