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The Graduate (1967)

NOTE: These commentaries are only available on the September 2007 40th Anniversary Edition DVD release. Previous DVD releases did not have a commentary. A different commentary was available on the Criterion Collection laserdisc.Air Jordan | Air Jordan Pas Cher

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Actors Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross Rating:7.3/10 (3 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Buldrebisk on August 4th, 2008:Find all reviews by Buldrebisk
I had high hopes for this, thinking it would be kind of two old friends looking back at the good times. But like in the movie, the chemistry between them is kind of awkward. Dustin is the main speaker, Katharine is the supprter, but is often redused to; "That's right", when asked a question from Dustin. She is very passive, almost slowing him down which results in quite a few pauses, and remains silent most of the times when Dustin admits he had a huge crush on her. I like Dustin and his humor, but think he would have been better without Katharine. Good, but the criterion laserdisc commentary is way superior. 6/10
Commentary 2: Director Mike Nichols and filmmaker Steven Soderbergh Rating:7.6/10 (9 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Buldrebisk on August 4th, 2008:Find all reviews by Buldrebisk
Much better. It starts off a little dry and passive, but Steven does the perfect job of the sidekick commentary. Mike Nichols is the director of the movie, and rightly gets the limelight with Soderbergh asking questions and Nichols answering. This starts out a little too Q & A, but like all good interviews this develops into a great conversation between brilliant filmmakers. Unlike many commentaries, this actually becomes better towards the end and they never run out of things to say. The subject is not surprisingly mostly on the technical aspect of making a film, with angles, rehearsals, casting and character motivation through the camera some of the themes touched upon. Very good, but the criterion laserdisc is still better. 8/10
Reviewed by Bickle, T. on April 29th, 2009:Find all reviews by Bickle, T.
Soderbergh is the perfect sidekick to Nichols on this amusing track. I enjoyed the little anecdotes about the film (Bancroft pulling Hoffman’s hair too hard), and Nichols explaining how now iconic scenes came to fruition.
Reviewed by frankasu03 on March 27th, 2012:Find all reviews by frankasu03
Agree with the above, a little quiet at first. But, with some prodding by the able "Student," Mike Nichols delivers some trenchant comments on filmmaking and life in general. This breezy track was like a crash course in film school, or Upper division spirituality, not sure which. Loved hearing stories about Liz Taylor, Tennessee Williams, etc. Steven had the line of the commentary, however; "I'm a pessimist who loves to be wrong." Awesome 10/10
Reviewed by musíl65 on January 7th, 2019:Find all reviews by musíl65
I found this track on the Studiocanal release. Nichols and Soderbergh are perfect together. You get a lot of information about the script, the cast, the tone of the movie, its reception, filmmaking in the sixties, the locations, working with Paul Simon, other Nichols movies etc.

The track is vivid. Sonderbergs adds also interesting points to thier conversation. There are not gaps. Don’t miss this track. 10 out of 10.