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American Beauty (1999)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Sam Mendes and screenwriter Alan Ball Rating:7.2/10 (21 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Bickle, T. on May 19th, 2009:Find all reviews by Bickle, T.
This is a rare. This film is one of my favorites of all time, and this track falls way flat. Sure there are some amusing anecdotes, but mostly Mendes and Ball talk about cut scenes. They dont discuss the deleted scenes in too great of detail because they assure us you can find them on this DVD. But, alas, no deleted scenes can be found anywhere on the DVD.

In addition to that misstep, the track mostly highlights information I already knew.
Reviewed by Station51 on November 26th, 2015:Find all reviews by Station51
Sam Mendes is always a good listen owing to the fact that the man listens to commentary himself because he finds it interesting and so has an idea what might be important to others.
Instead of going about the task of creating another commentary category, there is another commentary track with him and cinematographer Conrad L Hall which is maybe a better listen for technical stuff. The only problem is it's on autoplay and you can't rewind or fast forward at ay point. It's a one time 1 hour listen. Together I'd rate them a 8.