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Snow Day (2000)

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Commentary 1: Director Chris Koch and screenwriters Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi Rating:8.0/10 (1 vote) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by frankasu03 on March 3rd, 2017:Find all reviews by frankasu03
A group commentary with tongues placed firmly in cheek, "Snow Day" deserves a listen for "Pete & Pete" completists. Long time writing partners Will McRobb & Chris Viscardi are joined by frequent "P & P" director Chris Koch, and the trio deliver everything you could care to learn about making "Snow Day"(2000). Although rumored to be a long-in-development 'Adventures' movie, the origin of "Snow Day" as a "Pete & Pete" full-length feature is not discussed. Given the subject matter, complete with main protagonist VO, diversions into surreality, as well as sentimentality, you could be forgiven for thinking this was an episode of "P & P" writ large. How to explain the more bizarre scenes in "Snow Day:" Hordes of teens collecting at the window of the desirable "Claire" (played by Emmanuelle Chiriqui), or the action figures re-animated via stop-motion (voiced by the Director himself). Or, an Ice Skating rink DJ (played by Iggy Pop) who is obsessed with Al Martino. Those more memorable (and most 'Pete'-like) elements befuddled execs and test-audiences alike, and thankfully, survived into the final cut. What those test-screenings did prove was that scenes involving the "fat kid farting" went over like "gangbusters." Thus, a half-dozen instances of poor Josh Peck (revealed in the commentary to be the youngest stand-up comic in the business) "passing gas" while being hounded by the "Snow-Plow Man." Great shoutouts to reprising "P & P" actors such as Damian Young and the aforementioned Iggy Pop. What is detailed in a far more serious fashion is how the crew managed to transform an unseasonably warm Edmonton, Canada into a blizzard-entrenched Syracuse, NY. Apologies are made to Western NY, while the production's tactics of snow creation is recounted. Everything from corn starch to rolls of cotton were utilized to create the snow effects. One would hope for more outrageous anecdotes about Chevy Chase or Chris Elliot, but the majority of cast discussions are rather diplomatic and uneventful. No mention of Pam Grier, or even Katharine Isabelle, as they appear on-screen. I suppose during the recording of this commentary (early 2000) a teen star on "Popular" would stand out next to a pre "Ginger Snaps" leading actress. All in all, a fun, if sarcastic, group track that pairs nicely with the writers' wildly entertaining commentaries from the "Pete & Pete" DVD releases. Well, the first 2 seasons, anyways. (Looking at you, Viacom/Paramount). 7.5/10