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Willow (1988)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Actor Warwick Davis Rating:7.1/10 (7 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by tcconde on November 17th, 2004:Find all reviews by tcconde
A very sweet commentary by Warwick Davis. He seems almost shy doing this. But he goes into all the things that happened in the film and tries his best to give you a full story. I recomment it.
Reviewed by closedface on February 8th, 2005:Find all reviews by closedface
better than most actor-only commentaries.
Reviewed by Hungry Baz on December 31st, 2012:Find all reviews by Hungry Baz
Most solo actor commentaries down right suck!

But this is one of the best commentaries I've ever heard. Warwick is full of info and always has something to say.

He's one of these people you'd like to be stuck in a lift with. He's so interesting.

Where to begin, let's see; he explains how he met Val Kilmer and Val broke his sunglasses, a funny story about how his car alarm went off during the battle scene, learning to take care of a baby, working with Ron Howard and the difference between Ron and George Lucas' directing styles, how Val injured his ankle and walked with a limp, working with animals, and I could go on.

Well done, Warwick. If only all actor commentaries could be this much fun.
Reviewed by Agressor on June 19th, 2013:Find all reviews by Agressor
I kept switching opinion on this commentary throughout the 2 hours + that it played, finally settling on a 6/10 rating.

Warwick is a good speaker, he sounds very affable and is not afraid to make fun of himself, which leads to some amusing comments. Furthermore there are, thankfully, not a whole lot of silent pauses though they do happen.

In spite of Warwicks likeableness however the commentary quickly starts to drag and I didn't find his tales from the shoot all that interesting and towards the end he himself even starts to sound somewhat bored.
That said, there are good bits interspersed throughout, and not all of them directly related to the film. I especially enjoyed his memories from the Return Of The Jedi set.
Reviewed by Kgprophet79 on June 21st, 2013:Find all reviews by Kgprophet79
Most of Warwicks comments are anectdotal, and I was starving for more details about the making of the films. He tries his best to keep things interesting, but not a solid recommend.