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A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

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Commentary 1: Sergio Leone expert Sir Christopher Frayling Rating:8.2/10 (9 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Tekker on October 18th, 2006:Find all reviews by Tekker
Most extraordinaire commentary from leading Leone and spaghetti western expert, Chris Frayling.
He covers the film, the start of the spaghetti westerns, Leone himself as well as provide mini biographies of Eastwood and other co-stars.
Most notablably he is elaborate in placing the film in the age it was made, and thus the listener gets a good ide of the times when it was released and received.
Frayling is clearly a major fan of Leone so his opinions are bound to be somewhat bias, but whould you rather have a non-fan who put forward no way near the enthusiasmn that Frayling does? No, I thought so.