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Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

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Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Alexander Witt and producer Jeremy Bolt Rating:4.3/10 (9 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by pat00139 on March 31st, 2006:Find all reviews by pat00139
This is a very good commentary track, although not as funny as the next one. They stick mostly to production stories rather than pointing out every detail of the movie. There are two other tracks, after all. They start out by talking about the game and throughout the track they mention what was kept and left out. They talk about the zombie casting and shooting. They actually had a Zombie Bible, as they put it, to tell the zombie extras what to do and not do. They talk about the locations a bit, and the actors. They give a lot of praise, but it’s never so bad. They talk about the crew and how everybody worked well. Like I said, though, it’s not so bad. They stick to what the people did. One thing is that they really shot the last action scene at Toronto’s City Hall. City Hall has all the foreign embassies near it. The last action sequence has a lot of guns firing, things blowing up and helicopters coming in. Imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t been so organised? Overall a very nice track and, for some reason, better than I expected. Oh yeah, this was recorded before the movie was released.
Reviewed by Pineapples101 on September 12th, 2012:Find all reviews by Pineapples101
This track is actually from Director Alexander Witt, Producer Jeremy Bolt and Executive Producer Robert Kulzer (Kulzer appears to have been left off the list here)

Quite a good commentary. But it's neither boring or terribly fun, it's just kinda in the middle.
Producer Jeremy Bolt probably adds the most interesting info, Witt and Kulzer just seem to follow his lead.

The only major contribution Witt seems to make is to push himself for upcoming projects. It's a bit upsetting to hear him talk about how he will never go back to 2nd unit work and just wants to be a full time director of feature films, because if you look at his post Resident Evil Apocalypse CV it's pretty much just 2nd unit work.
Apocalypse being his only directing credit (as of 2012)

But the majority of the commentary discusses the filming locations and how the producers worked with the local authorities and to be honest it's pretty interesting.
Im not a huge fan of the finished film, but I have a new found respect for the work that went into it after listening to this track.
Commentary 2: Actors Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr, and Sienna Guillory Rating:6.5/10 (10 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Pete on September 22nd, 2005:Find all reviews by Pete
Oded is non-existant here. The ladies are the one's who do the talking. Not that that means much.

Milla is a freakin' moron. She ignores the movie completely in favor of childish humor and lame stories, just as she did with the first film's commentary.

Luckily Sienna, the only one with half a brain here, was recorded seperate. She takes the movie seriously (god knows why), and correctly recognizes her inherent hotness whenever Jill is onscreen.
Reviewed by pat00139 on March 31st, 2006:Find all reviews by pat00139
Miss Guillory may be alone but she talks a mile a minute when she does and gives out more information than the other two, who are together. She also talks a lot more about her character more than the other two. Actually, she probably put more thought into her character than anybody else has ever put into the entire series (games or movies). This is sort of corroborated in the first commentary. It’s actually nice discussion. You see Jill evolving through her eyes. Near the end she focuses on the cast. She doesn’t talk much, though, as the focus is the goofing off by the other two people. Mrs. Jovovich continues her insightful, academic tone from the first movie’s commentary. At least she doesn’t say ‘nipple’ in this one. The pair never stop joking with each other, never really talking about the production or their characters. They do point out cast and crewmembers that have cameos in the movie and provide a few tidbits and anecdotes, but they mostly joke around about shooting the film. It’s actually quite funny and very enjoyable, but the first movie’s track is funnier and more informative.
Reviewed by Pineapples101 on September 12th, 2012:Find all reviews by Pineapples101
Guillory takes it a bit too seriously, Jovovich over laughs and it can feel forced and Fehr is just funny and laid back.

Theres not too much information here about the actual production of the film itself. Guillory mainly talks about her take on the character and clearly she really cared. Jovovich and Fehr just try to make each other laugh. And to be fair, there are some pretty funny moments between the two.

I quite enjoyed this track, even if it is a bit of a mixed bag.
Reviewed by Hungry Baz on February 15th, 2013:Find all reviews by Hungry Baz
Sienna's comments are the best part of the commentary as she talks about how she prepared for her role by playing the game, studying martial arts and guns and talks about her character's development.

Milla is this: (the scene where she runs down the building) THAT IS ME! THAT IS ME! THAT IS ME! THAT IS ME!

She also talks about her dogs, (that have nothing to do with the movie) admires herself in the martial arts scenes (ego overload!), eats a sandwich during the track, makes fun of Oded, laughs at a really bad joke Oded makes and is silent for 15 seconds (that silence is the best part of her comments cos I did have to listen to her deafening screaming) and screams at the very end "OH ALICE! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?"

I really wanted someone to come in and smack Milla right in the face.

Milla, you're an attractive woman, fun to watch in interviews, but when it comes to commentary tracks, you're a great example of the phrase "Better seen, not heard."
Commentary 3: Screenwriter Paul W. S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt Rating:5.4/10 (9 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by stuartbannerman on February 19th, 2006:Find all reviews by stuartbannerman
Despite the flack that Paul Anderson attracts with some of his films (and i actualy like them all so far-the films that is)
Few can doubt that he is very good when it comes to DVD commenteries.
Thankfully this one(unlike Res 1) isnt dragged down a few points by Milla. Paul and Jeremy chat together about inspirations for the films, and point out things that we probably didnt see in the film.
They pretty much chat the way fans would about films, and really enjoy the projects they do together.

Recommended Chat Track.
Reviewed by pat00139 on March 31st, 2006:Find all reviews by pat00139
These two guys are kind of laid back. At times, they seem to reach for something to say. Sometimes, it turns into something concrete, but sometimes it just turns into rambling about nothing. The track is nice enough, but they hardly talk about making the movie. They do that to stop any overlap with the two other tracks. They do talk about the game a lot, and the movie’s relationship with the game, and things of that nature. Mr. Anderson talks about how hard it was, and it tricky it was, to adapt a video game to movie format. They talk about ‘Mortal Kombat’ a little, given that the first adaptation these guys did. They talk about the actors and the roles and the things they kept from the games. They point out what different games are referenced in the movie, and why they decided to put so many little bits in the movie. The track is good but I preferred the others.
Reviewed by zagzag on December 3rd, 2008:Find all reviews by zagzag
I find it interesting that this commentary has received such an array of votes (0-9). I personally really love this commentary. They have such an obviously good relationship together and have worked together for a long time and their love of what they do really shows.I love they way they talk straight, they don't belittle the audience or wonder why people would be listening to the track. They come across as understanding the joy of the audio-commentary. They explain interestingly about the making of the movie and their vision behind it. Hearing about them pitch the movie to the Japanese owners of the game is interesting. While neither of them directed the movie, they still obviously had a lot of influence in the making of the movie. I have never played the game resident evil, and so I was really interested in learning about the parallels between the game and the movie. All in all I really enjoyed this commentary. I would recommend people listen to this commentary if you get a chance, but I mentioned the difference in people's votes makes me think this commentary shows the how people like commentaries for different reasons!
Reviewed by Pineapples101 on September 12th, 2012:Find all reviews by Pineapples101
There's great chemistry between Bolt and Anderson on all of their commentaries and it really shows here as they discuss their influences - from Romero to James Cameron. How the games continue to influence them and how they wanted to keep to the rules set in the games and keep the zombies as classic zombies rather than the 28 days later fast zombies.

A great commentary, full of interesting info. I really dig the fact that both are not afraid of showing their film fan and geek leanings. It's a track I can return to a lot.
Reviewed by Hungry Baz on February 15th, 2013:Find all reviews by Hungry Baz
Good commentaries but everytime I see Anderson interviewed, I can't help but roll my eyes when he mentions Ridley Scott and James Cameron. You know when your friend can't stop talking about his favourite movie, show or celebrity and it drives you mad, that's Paul.

Jeremy, I can't but think that all he does is kiss Paul's ass. "That's great, Paul." "That's amazing, Paul." "Yes, Paul."

At one point, my jaw hit the floor when he mentioned how he wanted Alice to be like Clint Eastwood. Gee, that's exactally what John Carpenter wanted Snake Pliskin to be like in Escape From New York. They even mention this movie is like "Escape."

Anyhoo, I liked this track. They point out references to the games, references to other zombie films like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead. No mention of Shaun of the Dead or Braindead, sadly. Tee hee.

At one point, they mentioned how a scene in Mortal Kombat had to be reshot. Mmm.

They praise Milla a lot. Paul should've have just said "See that woman, I'm gonna marry her."