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Party of Five: The Complete First Season (1994)

Commentaries on this disc:

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Reviewed by frankasu03 on August 27th, 2012:Find all reviews by frankasu03
The "Pilot" commentary with co-creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman is very good. It really gives some insight into the trials and tribulations of bringing a series to Network TV. FOX was initially excited about a show with "kids on their own," but were displeased by the lack of comedy and the heavy drama the creative team produced. You'll hear plenty of stories about substituting Vancouver for San Fran, as well as the individual strengths and weaknesses of the starring actors/actresses. Between the tastes and suggestions of the studio and the show's placement after "Melrose Place," it's quite remarkable 'Party' went on to survive for over 5 seasons. That the president of FOX stood behind "Party of Five" til the end certainly helped. A fun, self-effacing track by the grateful creators, really gives a cool "Behind-the-Scenes" look at Network Television in the '90s.