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August 26th: The Quiet American by musíl65. August 21st: Big Fish by Agressor. August 20th: Black Hawk Down by ipatrick. August 18th: A Midnight Clear by frankasu03, Night at the Museum by Station51. August 17th: The Simpsons: The Complete Eighth Season by Hungry Baz, Re-Animator by Hungry Baz, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home by Therealmrspock. August 16th: Rebel Without A Cause by Therealmrspock, Good Will Hunting by Scooter_SRF. August 15th: The Amityville Horror by ipatrick, Groundhog Day by Therealmrspock, Blade Runner by Therealmrspock

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May 5th: Jeremiah Johnson, First Men in the Moon. May 3rd: Hostel: Part III. May 2nd: Wake in Fright. May 1st: I'm Not There , Muriel's Wedding. April 30th: Deep Red. April 27th: The Guest, You're Next. April 26th: Erik the Viking, Conan The Barbarian . April 24th: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. April 23rd: Spring, Ballet 422, Mommy, Wild, Silicon Valley: The Complete First Season, Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire, Veep: The Complete Third Season, Everly, A Most Violent Year, Manhattan: Season One, The Boy Next Door, The Wedding Ringer, Batman vs. Robin, Lethal Weapon 3, Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon 2. April 21st: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Possession. April 20th: True Detective: Season One, Long Weekend, Moonrise Kingdom. April 12th: Prom Night. April 10th: The Walking Dead

Current top 10 commentary tracks

These are the commentary tracks in the RateThatCommentary.com database that have gotten the highest user votes so far. To qualify for the list, a track has to have gotten at least five votes. Or, if you're more interested in tracks to avoid, check out the lowest-rated commentaries. Born to Kill cover

1. Born to Kill -- Commentary track: Film noir scholar Eddie Muller and director Robert Wise. Rating: 9.2

2. I Wake Up Screaming -- Commentary track: Film noir scholar Eddie Muller, author of "Dark City". Rating: 9.2

3. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre -- Commentary track: Eric Lax, co-author of "Bogart". Rating: 9.1

4. Fallen Angel -- Commentary track: Film noir scholar Eddie Muller, author of "Dark City". Rating: 9.0

5. House on Telegraph Hill -- Commentary track: Film noir scholar Eddie Muller, author of "Dark City". Rating: 8.8

6. Murder, My Sweet -- Commentary track: Author Alain Silver (find his books). Rating: 8.6

7. The Last Waltz -- Commentary track: Director Martin Scorsese and Robbie Robertson. Rating: 8.5

8. Apocalypse Now -- Commentary track: Screenwriter/director Francis Ford Coppola. Rating: 8.5

9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -- Commentary track: Director David Fincher. Rating: 8.5

10. Casablanca -- Commentary track: Film critic Roger Ebert. Rating: 8.5

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